With the so called “ease” of budget travel (Ryanair and Easyjet never once being easy) I took a small weekend trip last November to Gothenburg, Sweden. I had no expectations for the trip, which turned out to be the best attitude as Gothenburg is hardly a tourist destination teeming with activities.

What Gothenburg provides is a quiet getaway, the quaintness of a small town with the conveniences of a city. A foodie haven, we spent our time here popping in and out of cafes for warmth, the September weather in this coastal town was far from balmy. A trip to the local fish market,

held in a converted church, was our first destination. Here we tried herring, in many forms: curried, raw, glazed -and of course the traditional pickled.


Filled with fear from the warnings about prices in Sweden, we found the bill to meet London pricing standards. Certainly no budget trip, but not as horrendous as friends had made out. Our weekend continued in much the same way as it began, eating drinking and being merry.

We tried traditional cinnamon scrolls and a dessert which can only be described as half cooked chocolate cake, which is heavenly. We were surrounded by a hoard of Vikings in the evening at a local bar. Never have I seen so many blonde people all together in one room, or so many men who would be described as “pretty”. Noticeably absent was the infamous “scandi style” so revered by fashion magazines. Perhaps such style is only seen by photographers hanging about outside H&Ms head offices.


20131113-214303 20131113-214347



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