Brunch At Brew, Clapham, London

In December I braved the rain and headed to brunch. Clearly London cafes anticipated everyone would have fled or be at the shops, so we were a bit hard  up for choices, our first stop being closed. Eventually, drenched, we made it to Brew in Clapham and squeezed our way into a table in the cramped cafe. What Brew lacks in space it makes up for in flavour. Our attentive waitress quickly served retro milkshakes and fairly* good flat whites. * good enough to warrant a second round. Our brunch was delicious and presented quickly in a way you don’t see at your greasy spoon.

Seen here are the Turkish eggs, eggs with soldiers, chocolate milkshake, and the salmon potato smash. 

Brew: 45 Northcote Road, London

20131223-183406 20131223-183412 20131223-183418 20131223-183424 20131223-183431 20131223-183437 20131223-183443


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