BiBimBap – Get It While It’s Hot!

Korean dining is THE “It” food this season so I tried out one of London’s most modern Korean outlets, Bi bim Bap in Soho. The restaurant is named after the  signature dish,  Bi Bim Bap,  a hot stone bowl  filled with rice and various toppings (10  topping options to be exact). There are also various other dishes, including the crispy squid (pictured), dumplings etc. It’s all fuss free and affordable. Like many Korean venues I’ve tried the decor is simple and minimal, cafeteria like, with K-pop posters and other pop-culture knick knacks.  The hot pot style is  fast, fun, fresh and delicious, just be careful of your fingers on the bowls!

photo 2 (1) photo 3 (1) photo 1


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