Amsterdam, it’s known for a few things, many of which are frowned on by it’s neighbors. Cheese is not one of those things.  A cheese tasting class is a lovely escape from the bustle of Amsterdam during the busy Christmas season. We chose the centrally located Reypenaer class, and tried six cheeses, with  red port, red wine and white wine (15 Euro PP). Naturally the purpose of such tastings in to encourage the buying of cheeses from the store above. The cheeses were indeed very tasty, and we would have been convinced to purchase some, had the supply during the tasting not been endless. Instead we left cheese drunk, and did not desire to eat cheese again for some time. Too much of a good thing…

20140120-224310 20140120-224411 20140120-224425 20140120-224449

These cheeses, from, are a mixture of Reypenaer and Wyngaard Dutch Gouda, traditional aged cheeses, stored  in central Amsterdam warehouses.


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