The Mysterious Afghan

Yesterday was Waitangi Day, the closest thing there is to “New Zealand Day”. To celebrate I baked, for the first time, Afghan biscuits. This is a traditional Kiwi biscuit, with no known link to Afghanistan itself. The origin of the name remains a mystery, and the Kiwis are staunchly protective of this biscuit’s NZ roots.

montys 053-1

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The Afghan is a chocolate cookie  made with cornflakes and topped with a chocolate ganache and  a walnut. It’s notable for its high quantity of butter and lack of raising agent so it melts in your mouth – perfect with a Flat White.  I’ve used a recipe from TVNZ, but like all Kiwi classics it was probably first in the Edmond’s Cookbook.

For any fellow Kiwis In London I’ve made a list of  cafe’s and restaurants to get a bit of Kiwi kai and quality coffee.

If you consider yourself an International Foodie this is the perfect recipe to prove it, there’s something mysterious and diverse about an “Afghan” biscuit from a little country in the Pacific…


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