The Frugal Foodie – Itsu


Being a foodie can be an expensive lifestyle, not to mention time consuming. But if you lead a busy life,  don’t have time to cook, or are on a budget, there are ways to eat well on the cheap.  Here’s a little known fact about Itsu: At 7.30, or half an hour before closing time, everything in the fridges at Itsu becomes half price on Mondays-Fridays. Unfortunately, quite a few other frugal foodies are in the know, so you will need to arrive a little early if you want a few options to choose from.

So often eating cheap can lead to eating badly  (as university students know so well) but this is a healthy way to pick up dinner, or lunch for tomorrow, for around £3. Anyone on the 5:2 diet should also note that Itsu has a huge range of options under the 300 calorie mark, with a few 150-200 options as well.

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