DIY Mongolian Hot Pot At Little Lamb

photo 1 

If you’re getting a little bored of having food put in front of you ready to eat, then lifting fork to mouth and eating, then Mongolian Hot Pot is the way to spice up your dining experience. While it is customary to go out to eat and relax, Little Lamb offers a oriental dining experience that’s a little DIY, charging you £23P/P to cook your own meal (bargain!)

Ideal for groups, the games works thus: you are provided with many, many options of delicious meats, seafood, noddle’s and veges to cook. Each diner picks 5, so with a minimum of two people already you have 10 delicious options. (Seen here, lamb, beef, pork, fish balls, crab legs, mushrooms, prawn balls, noodles, mussells). Then, you pick three soups, we chose one Regular Spicy, one Tomato, and one Mushroom. A magical stove in the middle of the table is turned on. The soup begins to heat, you take your chopsticks, pick an item, and dip it in the soup of your choice and Voila – a meal is made! Delicious entertainment!

Little Lamb, Soho, London

 photo 2 photo 3


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