Haughty Hipster Hangout: Forge And Co

photo 2 (4)A sunday stroll in Shoreditch this weekend illustrated just how much, and how quickly, the area is changing. Since my last visit, oh, let’s say, 5 weeks ago,  there are numerous new cafes, bars and “concept” shops to peruse. On this occasion I chose Forge & Co a new “Social Canteen” (place you can sit on Mac for hours, ordering one coffee, with no guilt). I chose Forge & Co because, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, Shoreditch’s other  tiny, two-table, super cute, tea room offerings just seemed too dark and cosy. By comparison Forge & Co was big, bright and breezy with seats by the window bathed in light and lovely soft couches. Such a pity we weren’t allowed to sit on either. For a  casual, canteen style, cafe we were greeted oddly at the door and asked if we were having lunch or just drinks, when we said we were unsure we were whisked off with contempt to sit, just the two of us, on a long wooden bench fit for 20, surrounded by empty two person tables. When we asked if we could move to the numerous couches or tables we were told they were reserved. Well, we were there for two hours on our huge bench, and the lovely sunny tables and comfy couches remained empty… 

After our haughty greeting service was very slow, although polite, and our coffee was very good. Although the menu had some nice looking brunch offerings the attitude had put me off ordering. Forge & Co really looks the part, but I guess in super hip Shoreditch it’s now essential to make reservations for even the half empty cafes.

Forge & Co 154 – 158 Shoreditch High Street, E1 6HU London, United Kingdom

photo 1 (2)






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