The Aussie Brunch, Granger & Co, London

Notting Hill is an easy go-to brunch destination, with many options, but you have to come prepared to wait, especially if it’s London, in March, and sunny…
There’s always the worry that, after waiting 30-60 minutes for breakfast, you will be disappointed. Lucky for us Granger & Co has a line for a reason. Great coffee and simple, well executed antipodean brunch classics. Service is relaxed and despite the line we didn’t feel either neglected or pressured to rush. The portions are generous, without being greasy-spoon style ridiculous. We tried the ricotta and banana pancakes with honey, which were light and fluffy and the honey made a nice change from syrup. A Aussie big breakfast was distinguished from its English counterpart only by the chipolata sausages – but hey – why change a classic, if it ain’t broke… The standout dish was the sweet corn fritters with tomato and bacon. Deliciously crispy, heavy on the corn and full of flavour. A must try brunch destination, don’t let a line out you off mate!






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