Brunch With A View – Duck & Waffle

It can be such a disappointment when a restaurant fails to live up to the hype, but there’s only so much a view from one of London’s tallest towers can be exaggerated…I’ve been waiting (literally) months to get a reservation with Duck&Waffle and thankfully I can say the wait is worth it!
If you’ve been to Sushi Samba in Heron Tower and enjoyed the view then why not try Duck and Waffle, which sits even higher, for a spot of brunch, and a very different style of cuisine. This 24 hour (yes, you read me right) restaurant offers traditional dishes with a modern twist, no better demonstrated than in its namesake dish duck on waffles. If poultry at 9am isn’t your cup of tea there are several other waffle options (try the Elvis) and savoury dishes available. The menu doesn’t change throughout the day so try waffles at 2am, 12am or 4pm. Our companion had carpaccio for breakfast, the staff don’t so much as batt an eyelid.









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