Foodie Travel In Florence

Florence, Tuscany Food And Travel Guide

It comes as no surprise to anyone that Italian food is delicious, and the Easter break provided the perfect opportunity for me to wallow in carb-heavy Italian meals in one of it’s most popular foodie regions: Tuscany.
Our first stop was Florence, known for its beautiful grand cathedral, but also for several regional specialties.

Florentine Specialities

Try the Fiorentina steak, which is served by the KG and best suited to sharing between at least two (depending on your appetite) and costs around 50/60euro at most restaurants. Another, less intimidating, option for meat lovers is the abundance of dishes featuring wild boar, which roams in the Tuscan countryside.

Eating on a budget in Florence

If you’re on a budget take advantage of Florence’s Apertivo culture: buy a spritz, the classic Italian Aperitif made of liquor, prosecco, and a dash of soda water, using either Aperol or Campari. between 4-7pm and you will find many bars offer a small buffet of snacks. These “snacks” are not just a British packet of crisps, they range from small canapés to cold pastas, pizza bites and antipasti – pick the right location and you won’t need any dinner!






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