Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

I’ll admit that, despite a very difficult reservation process, I have been to London’s Cat Cafe three times since it opened a few months ago. It was hard, and yes, I did book in advance. I laugh in the face of friends who say causally, “oh maybe we can go today?” The answer here is “NO, you can’t just rock up at Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium (it’s real name) because crazy cat ladies like myself have pre booked visits every week for weeks in advance”. This has caused chaos for the owners because advance bookings inevitably go hand in hand with forgotten bookings.
The hotly anticipated cat cafe caused a stir, and an incredible amount of reservations, by raising it’s funds over past year or so though crowd funding. The interest and funds generated show just how many people in london are pet deprived. The concept is, just to be clear, not based on eating cats. What has been created is a lovely old fashioned tea room space over two floors, sort of like your granny’s house. The food itself is very nice, I recommend the red velvet cake, completely overshadowed of course, but yummy and averagely priced (a £5 cover charge covers the cat costs). Inside this lovely space lives cats. They live here all the time, and it’s designed with their needs in mind. Toys, nooks, crannies, scratch posts and soft cushions abound. Litter boxes are discrete and the staff attentive to them. The cats are predominantly from two families, with the odd orphan adopted in. There are some lovely fluffy ones – haughty of course – some playful ginger toms, crowd favourites the “unlucky” black twins, and, off course, momma cat. My favourite is Wookie, the odd one out, a half persian tabby with lovely soft fur and a face that would melt hearts. (NB: see the cat’s profiles on the official website). The cats are free to do as they please (so no picking them up or cornering them) and you can enjoy lovely cakes and coffees while watching them chase string, or if you’re lucky having someone come sit on your lap (hopefully a cat).










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  1. Marc-André says:

    I have been three times and planned a third time next month with some friends. 🙂

    1. Just made fourth visit, like all Londoners the cats are a bit lethargic at the moment with the heat.

      1. Marc-André says:

        Yeah very true. Our two are sleeping all day xD

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