Alpine Delights In The Heart Of London

20140727-220719.jpgIt may be summer in the city but if you’re a ski bunny missing the delights of a cosy alpine ski lodge then take a break from the sunshine and head to Bodo’s Schloss. This bar and restaurant is a world away from London, deer heads and ski paraphernalia line the wooden walls and checkered tablecloths cover tables. Wednesday is Fondu night, a two-course feast: cheese fondue with breads, meats and veges, and chocolate fondue with fruits, marshmallow, coconut and the delightful untraditional addition of popping candy for the little kid in all of us. Fondue is nothing but fun, perfect for a group and inevitably messy, do not wear white.  20140727-220733.jpgThere’s surprisingly few swiss or german beers available, instead the order of the evening is cocktails. fun frivolous cocktails to be exact. For the ladies a creamy St Bernard is better than desert, and maybe even better than sex. No stag of birthday party is complete without a Shotski (literally a ski) tray filled with shots (10 shots £80). Sharing cocktails like the Bobsleigh (£160) or  Skiboot  (£80) will certainly lead to a good night, or a bad night – depending on your definition.20140727-220746.jpg Despite being a Kensington celebrity haunt Bodo’s is surprising unpretentious, a mixture of young boys and girls with model looks, Sloaney types (just as you’d see on the real alps) tourists, out-of-towners with Geordie outfits and even locals coming on their own for a beer to watch the football. The atmosphere is focused more towards fun than efficiency. The service switches between over-the-top helpful to forgetfully neglectful, but it’s always with a smile. On my first visit I was somewhat annoyed to be hustled out of my seat as it was cleared for the dance floor, but as the live band came on and the good times rolled I decided to just go with is. Bodo’s is first and foremost a club that also does food, and as far as club food goes it’s much better and more interesting than most bars or clubs in the capital. Despite a mixed clientele and welcoming atmosphere Bodo’s is a hotspot for celebrities, royals and people who are just plain showing off. So If you’ve got money to spend or an impression to make then the Ice Castle sharing cocktail, at £5,000 is the way to go. And yes, that’s not a typo, it’s five thousand GBP for one of these bad boys, but with an unlimited supply it will literally keep the party flowing till the early morning.

Bodo’s Schloss  2A Kensington High St, London W8 4PT



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