It’s Ice, But Not As You Know It

Somerset House in the summer is delightful, you can sit on the terrace with an aperitif and enjoy spectacular views of the London Eye, Southbank and Big Ben. Alternatively, try lunch at one of the courtyard cafes and watch children playing in the summer fountain display, in this heat you may even be temped to join them. Adding to this seaside atmosphere is a very special ice cream pop up. It’s hard to keep I cream cool when London’s temperatures are in the twenties and you’re based in a hot concrete courtyard. So this pop up from CHURN2 has decided not to keep it’s icecream chilled. Instead, using liquid nitrogen, they freeze the icecream right in front of your eyes. It’s a little more complicated than your usual scoop and serve process so they’ve keep the menu to a minimum. When I visited there was the option of mango or carrot cake. I chose the carrot cake which was aromatic and tasted like Christmas. A little too much cinnamon and nutmeg for my tastes, but perfect for those who love Yuletide treats like gingerbread and fruitcake.

Churn2 @churn2uk









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  1. Snap55 says:

    Now this is true ice cream from the future, not those stupid “dippin dots”

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