Bistrotheque: Worth A Game Of Hide And Seek

Bistrotheque embodies the current dining trend for “luxe squat” style east London locations. This Hackney hotspot can get hipster brunch lovers all excited with its unmarked industrial location, (it took me 30 mins to find an unmarked door and nervously descend a staircase to Who Knows Where) but caters to the YUPIs and foodies with its slightly fancy – but still recognisable – brunch options and grand piano (complete with pianist playing Beyonce mash-ups). Cool location? Tick! Good food? Tick! Fantastic coffee? Tick! Alcoholic breakfast beverages for those of us who live by “hair of the dog” ideals…? Tick! Easy to find? Cross! But that’s the whole point…


Bistrotheque: 23-27 Wadeson St, London E2 9DR


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