Burger Day With Hache

To celebrate National Burger Day yesterday I visited my local Shoreditch Hache Burger joint. Burger Day, in association with Mr Hyde, offered 20% off our burgers so, as the saying goes, “any excuse…”.
The burgers read like a list of ethnicities; the Catalan, the Mexican, the Canadian, the Louisiana etc. I tried the Catalan which was recommended by not just one, but two helpful waiters. The Catalan was a beef burger with chorizo and I chose to have it on a brioche bun and add cheddar cheese (also recommended) . The burger (and onion rings) was delicious, although ever so slightly below my opinion on Patty&Bun – but in a much nicer restaurant setting.



Hache Burgers, Curtain Road, Shoreditch, London.


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  1. erics75218 says:

    I have to say, that considering it’s a sit down resturaunt with nice atmosphere, the prices are pretty amazing.

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