The Kerouac Shack

Just when I thought I was over the pop-up phenomenon they went and reinvented themselves, as pop-up 2:0. This new phase is all about interactive experiences, as The Kerouac Shack demonstrated with an evening of 50’s Americana, beat poetry and jives.

photo 3

Held in a working petrol station in Kentish Town (think strict smoking policy and greasy walls) this pop up evening has taken a leaf out of Secret Cinema’s book and combined a great evening of dining and entertainment, complete with vintage cars.

We were greeted with Old Fashioned cocktails, and as such my memory from then on gets a little blurry…. but these were followed by an amuse-bouche, a starter of pulled chicken, a steak and macaroni main and a cheesecake dessert.

photo 2 (2) photo 1

The current trend for macaroni astounds me, how such a cheap family food has become so popular is a true testament to how much Brits are falling over themselves for everything American.

But the event catered to current dinning trends perfectly, while staying true to the theme. The beat poet talked mostly about tripping at Glastonbury, I’m sure Sal, Dean and Mary-Lou would approve…



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