Paramount – Hidden In Plain (Or Plane) Sight

Most Londoners have walked past The Centrepoint building on Tottenham Court road over the past few years, but most won’t have given it a second thought. From street level the building seems in a permanent state of renovation, the entry stairs are dingy and often mistaken for the tube entrance directly below.
But Centrepoint is a London gem, hiding in plain sight. At the top of the building is Paramount, a beautifully designed bar with one of the best panoramic views in London. But the best thing about it is the utter lack of crowds, even on a clear Sunday the viewing deck is like a ghost town. Excellent views can also be had from the main bar and restaurant, which we visited for high tea. At £28 per person the traditional high tea is most reasonable, but also more generic, than the nearby Sanderson Hotel and other Soho tea packages. The three tired stand consists of traditional finger sandwiches, a selection of cakes (carrot, cheesecake, cinnamon doughnut, and chocolate gateau) and scones with jam and clotted cream (the best!). Not being English we opted for coffee over tea and found the quality very good. The atmosphere is very relaxing and the staff quietly attentive, a change from crammed bustling tea rooms. Take the time to look up next time you’re in the area, sometimes the best things in life are right in front of you, just above eye level…







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  1. Ooo, ive been to paramount for drinks but didnt know they did afternoon tea, lovely, will have to check that out 🙂

  2. Looks like a pretty good afternoon tea, & the views are amazing!

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