Foodie In Lagos: Seafood Dreaming

Portugal is a seafood lovers dream, not only are the shellfish plentiful but they’re extremely cheap. Portuguese food is often sneered at for its inelegance, and it’s true that it is not presented in a fashionable manner (tiny portions, artisan smears of sauce… Etc).20141122-180100.jpg
Food is hearty, and served generously, extremely generously in Lagos. This summer I visited Lagos and was recommended two fantastic eateries. One by a local, the other by tourists, and both were fantastic. The first, Casinha Do Petisco– De Luis Rosa, was described as one of the most popular and cheapest options in the town and was identified as the only restaurant with a line outside, and customers happy to wait and hour or more for tables. We tried the Cataplana, a traditional slow cooked stew of cockles and other seafoods, served with sides of potatoes and rice. Luckily our concierge recommended one portion between two as the serving was absolutely gigantic. I would have dined here every night I was in Portugal if I could only have gotten a table.20141122-180228.jpg
The second recommendation was of a different nature, The Garden, an outdoor BBQ with a bohemian air and a backpacker clientèle. Fantastic steaks and a friendly cat made this a perfect destination for afternoon drinking. The entirely outdoor venue hosts an eclectic mix of comfy couches and hammocks, shame we visited on a rare rainy day…










The Garden, Rua Lancerote de Freitas, Lagos, Portugal

Casinha do Petisco, Rua da Oliveira 51, Lagos, Portugal




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