Foodie In Lagos: Seafood Dreaming

Portugal is a seafood lovers dream, not only are the shellfish plentiful but they’re extremely cheap. Portuguese food is often sneered at for its inelegance, and it’s true that it is not presented in a fashionable manner (tiny portions, artisan smears of sauce… Etc). Food is hearty, and served generously, extremely generously in Lagos. This…

The International Foodie In… The Evening Standard

Last month, fresh from my second trip to Morocco I spoke to Phoebe Luckhurst about Morocco and why it’s “the new Ibiza”. You can read Phoebe’s article “Mad For Riads” here: Evening Standard And my previous musings on Morocco… The Frugal Foodie: Street Food In Rabat, Morocco Madness in Marrakesh A Taste Of Morocco

The Aussie Brunch, Granger & Co, London

Notting Hill is an easy go-to brunch destination, with many options, but you have to come prepared to wait, especially if it’s London, in March, and sunny… There’s always the worry that, after waiting 30-60 minutes for breakfast, you will be disappointed. Lucky for us Granger & Co has a line for a reason. Great…

Women Traveling In Marrakesh

Traveling outside of Western countries can be daunting for solo women or all female groups, and women traveling in Marrakesh, Morocco may feel nervous to travel alone. Find out why this is still a great destination to visit.