Scandi Sandwiches From O-Food

The Vikings may have come to Britain to fight and pillage but the second Scandinavian invasion of the UK comes In the much more welcome form of cafes and sandwich bars. Most people consider Scandinavian food and think “expensive”, but it’s so much more than just that. Spitalfields market’s rejuvenation had seen the arrival of Scandi sandwich bar O-FOOD. At £7/£8 a sandwich it’s authentic Scandi pricing, but well worth every penny. Many of the sandwiches are amazing but the best is the O’Mackey comprised of two pieces of rye bread with beetroot, mackerel, dill yoghurt and pickle. The space in Spitalfields is relaxing, a beautiful outdoor (but covered) area is complete with blankets for those frequent summer days when it’s not so warm. Staff are friendly and attentive and the level of service is well above your typical sandwich store. At the end of the day scandis do sandwiches better…

O-Food: 71 Brushfield Street, London E16AA


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