Brunch At Blixen Spitalfields

Having lived next to Old Spitalfields Markets for some time I was surprised when Blixen opened earlier this year. Not surprised by Blixen itself, but by the fact I have never noticed there was a space big enough for a restaurant in a key area of the market. I strain my memory to recall what occupied this space before but I simply can’t, it was clearly unmemorable. Curious, I made a visit to Blixen as soon as humanly possible. Unfortunately they had not yet finished building the outdoor area and I endured brunch to the sound of saws and hammering. Despite this. I found myself enjoying a beautiful dining area with styling akin to a grand cafe in Paris or Vienna. The food however was more Scandinavian in origin, with classic brunch foods getting the Swedish once-over (fish replacing bacon on eggs Benedict style dishes etc). I had a decent flat white and a deliciously complicated smoothie with berries and aniseed. Over the following weeks Blixen has transformed it’s outdoor area and it looked so good that I would have to make another visit at dinner time… Watch this space…



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