Crazy Cocktails At Bar NightJar

Cocktails have made a huge comeback in recent years, and there’s a lot of locations that are over hyped on the drinks front. Thankfully Bar Nightjar is not one of them. This is the bar that caused controversy a few years ago by having something that may have come from a whale in one of its cocktails. The current menu is just as diverse. On my visits I’ve tried everything from seaweed rimmed creations, toasted coconut concoctions, something with a tamarind on it and dessert worthy sweet treats, all of which were cocktails.20160117-163233.jpgIt’s an evening for the adventurous, many creations taste delicious while others may be too much for some palates. A perfect date location this underground bar is snug and exquisitely decorated, a real speakeasy vibe that’s completed by the live jazz music. This bar is seating room only, there’s no standing, so reservations are encouraged.





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  1. Alaine says:

    Those drinks look delicious! I’ve been hearing good things about Nightjar, I think this will be on my list on my next trip to London!

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