London’s Best: 5:2 Chain Eateries

When every calorie counts there’s no need for uncertainty or temptation. Head to these outlets for clarity and low cal meal options.

With so many options under 500 calories, Itsu can provide for lunch and dinner while staying below your calorie quota. They also dispel a common myth that you can’t eat carbs on fast days, rice doesn’t have to be the enemy if you exercise a little bit of portion control (AKA self-restraint).

Best options: Salmon Sashimi (203 calories), Tuna Lots Of Ginger (141 calories), Salmon & Tuna Tartare (160 calories).

It’s all about the labeling at Pret, with nutritional values clearly displayed it’s easy to choose low calories items. Try the tuna salad or protein pots for the lowest calories counts on the 5:2 diet.

Best options: Crayfish and Avacado Salad (206 calories), Tomato Soup (255 calories), Edamame Bowl (130 calories).

Pizza Express:
If you want to blow your daily intake on one meal Pizza Express has created a menu just for you, no need to be anti-social.

Best option: Leggera Pizza

Okay, to be fair not everything at Costa is 5:2 friendly, in fact, many items are downright unfriendly. However, when sweet cravings come calling Costa has a range of mini sweet treats, including Banoffee Pie, for under 150 calories. It’s a downright miracle.

Best option: Mini Banoffee Pie (136 calories), Mini Pecan Tart (146 calories), Mini Rhubarb & Custard Tart (133 calories). 

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