Just Opened: Ottolenghi Spitafields

Ottolenghi has held my heart for a long time, but is a place I hardly ever visited (not living nearby and not wanting to fight Angel’s Yummy Mummys Who Brunch for a hard to get table ). But now Ottolenghi has come to my doorstep with a new City Shoreditch location at 50 Artillery Ln.20150426-192533.jpg I waited eagerly for this latest opening by celebrity chief Yotam Ottolenghi, and wait I did, and did again, as the opening date was postponed on multiple occasions while building works continued. But finally my patience was rewarded and the blessed day came, bringing with it an array of baked goods. Mediterranean tarts and breads, magnificent muffins, decadent cakes and pastries and little packaged treats to take home. My first visit was a pop-in for coffee and take away savoury muffin. The muffin was fantastic but the coffee was a let-down – perhaps a case of opening week barista jitters. 20150426-192554.jpgMy second visit was a sit down affair at my favourite meal time – brunch! I had the delicious mixed beans on toast with black pudding (pictured) and a far more satisfactory second coffee.  The one thing that lets down the fabulous taste sensations of Ottolenghi is the sterile modern environment. With a menu that embraces the culture of home comforts so much it’s surprising the interior is so stark and seems an unnecessary contrast. Perhaps the interior has been chosen so as not to distract from the fabulous flavours , but the food is so good that really I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel for any complaints at all and there’s no doubt that this will become my new local brunch spot.

Ottolenghi Shoreditch 50 Artillery Lane London www.ottolenghi.co.uk





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  1. suemarks says:

    Perhaps the delays prevented them sorting out the decor to get a less stark ambience !


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