Exotic Brunch At Berber And Q

Berber And Q is a name you will have seen in the (endless) lists of best new openings in 2015, and with good reason, this East London arrival takes Middle Eastern cuisine a long way away from the late night Kebab stop. Set in the arches of a railway bridge this Middle Eastern fusion restaurant…

Brunch At Blixen Spitalfields

Having lived next to Old Spitalfields Markets for some time I was surprised when Blixen opened earlier this year. Not surprised by Blixen itself, but by the fact I have never noticed there was a space big enough for a restaurant in a key area of the market. I strain my memory to recall what…

Just Opened: Ottolenghi Spitafields

Ottolenghi has held my heart for a long time, but is a place I hardly ever visited (not living nearby and not wanting to fight Angel’s Yummy Mummys Who Brunch for a hard to get table ). But now Ottolenghi has come to my doorstep with a new City Shoreditch location at 50 Artillery Ln….

The Aussie Brunch, Granger & Co, London

Notting Hill is an easy go-to brunch destination, with many options, but you have to come prepared to wait, especially if it’s London, in March, and sunny… There’s always the worry that, after waiting 30-60 minutes for breakfast, you will be disappointed. Lucky for us Granger & Co has a line for a reason. Great…

St Patrick’s Day Breakfast

With St Patrick’s day a national holiday in Ireland finding breakfast in the capital was a struggle. We visited Cup Cafe, purely because it was open. Cup had a limited menu but what was available was tasty and the coffee a good kick start for a big day. A good find in central Dublin. http://www.cupcafe.ie