High Tea At The JW Marriott

High tea in London has become as common as the people who were once excluded from enjoying it. So with high teas being offered left right and centre (even at pubs like The Water Poet in Shoreditch) what sets a fine establishment apart from a pretender? A grand piano is certainly a good first step, so when I arrived at the JW Marriott on a Saturday afternoon I knew the afternoon was likely to go well. JW Marriott ticked all the boxes, it had classic sandwiches, scones and lovely cakes. There was spacious seating and couches (unlike other establishments who cram delicate ladies together like sardines) but it was the unlimited champagne that really sets it apart. Needless to say our teas remained untouched. We departed several hours later, with champagne still flowing, and were each given a cake of our choosing to take home with us. The perfect afternoon for ladies who lunch and drink too much.

Reservations for high tea can be made HERE.







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