Asolo, Italy: A Hidden Gem

Asolo is one of those small towns that you would never find without a recommendation. It’s a tiny Italian town nestled atop a hill in the Treviso district, north of Venice. The views are stunning, looking out across prosseco vineyards and straight at the Italian Alps, snow-capped for much of the year. It’s these views which have earned the town the name “The City of a Hundred Horizons”.

I’ve had the pleasure to make a trip to this beautiful location twice in three years, at the recommendation of Italian friends who grew up in the area.

Part of the beauty is the quietness and lack of tourists found in hustling bustling Venice. There are no trains coming here and there are no buses, you’ll need a car to get here or take a cab from the nearest train station at Castle Franco.

In this perfect setting there is incredible food to be had, some of the best meals I have ever experienced. The best of these, and one the few that are listed, is Ristoranti Alla Chiesa which is actually in neighbouring Monfumo. The appetizer of raw seafood melted in your mouth, while a donkey ravioli was unusual and delightful. As with everywhere in Asolo and surrounding, the people are lovely and incredibly friendly.

I’ve visited twice, and my second visit was for the beautiful wedding of our two friends local to the area. Their wedding was hosted at the Hotel Villa Cipriani, an incredible luxury hotel with exquisite catering and tiered garden that adds to the beautiful view.

Many of the other local restaurants are not so easy to find online, I can only implore you to make the pilgrimage yourself and explore everything this beautiful town has to offer.20160117-175725.jpg20160117-175756.jpg20160117-175810.jpg20160117-175839.jpg20160117-175911.jpg20160117-175947.jpg





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